On behalf of the faculty and staff associated with the Department of Music, welcome to Waldorf University. Since its founding in 1903, music has always been a central part of the Waldorf tradition. Here, students take center stage through:

  • A commitment to quality education;
  • A dedication to an excellent student experience;
  • A program with purposeful core values;
  • A community that induces personal growth, high academic achievement, lasting friendships, and community responsibility;
  • A community that values religious faith, conveying a life and purpose that serves Christ in all things; and
  • A university engaged within the world.

The Waldorf University Music Department  aims to inspire lifelong arts contributors through comprehensive educational and performance opportunities. Faculty are dedicated to connecting with the community through accessible, diverse, and meaningful music experiences rooted in tradition. Authenticity, collaboration, enrichment and support are foundations in the culture and success of Waldorf University Music Department. 

TRADITION is strong within the music department as the second a capella choir in the U.S., choral ensembles continue to reinvent this art. One hundred years dedicated to meaningful and engaged learning experiences. 

Find your PASSION in one of our diverse musical experiences whether you’re a major or not. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, classical, jazz, popular, rock, world and musical theatre.

Join the COMMUNITY of students supported each day by faculty and staff with advanced credentials in composition, conducting, performance, music education and more. Let us inspire and empower you as you grow through music, faith and service.

Individualized advising and practical experiences will ensure that you define your own SUCCESS and develop life-long strategies for achievement.

As a music major, the Waldorf University Music programs provide a comprehensive curriculum preparing students with the foundations of music, performance and pedagogy. We aim to inspire lifelong arts contributors through diverse opportunities, collaborations and autonomy that lead to sustainable careers that contribute to the betterment of society.

All Steinway School logo

Waldorf University is proud to be an All-Steinway School.

All-Steinway Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence and an unparalleled educational experience by providing their students with the rich, unrivaled sound, incomparable tone and pristine touch of Steinway & Sons pianos. These pianos inspire students to realize their artistic talents, and best prepare them to compete at the highest level in the professional world. 


The Department of Music hold different events throughout the year. Browse the events listed or email music@tangochampionshiphamburg.com for further information.

  • Music Camp

    This is the beginning of the year event where students participating in music ensembles begin preparations for the new school year. Preparations include music for the Opening Convocation Ceremony,  Homecoming Concert and more!

    Music camp is REQUIRED for all students who wish to participate in an ensemble.

  • All-State Camp

    This event is a one of a kind All-State Piano, Vocal & Instrumental Workshop on the Waldorf University campus. The workshop is designed for all interested and all levels of preparation from beginning to advanced. Whether you are looking for a follow-up event to the initial All-State Vocal Workshops held around the state each August or an initial introduction to the materials and audition expectations, this workshop has what you need!

  • Music Career Day

    This special event is geared toward high-school students, their families and anyone interested in learning more about possibilities for different careers in music from music in ministry, sound engineering, composing, music education, performance, arts management, music therapy and more!

  • High School Honor Band & Choir Festival

    Waldorf University Music is excited to host our Second Annual High School Choir and Honor Band Festival! This festival has been designed to offer a unique, high-quality, FREE, experience to attending students!