Our Mission

Waldorf University educates the entire person, equipping students for lives of fulfillment in communities where they live and serve.


Waldorf University aspires to be distinctive, affordable, values driven, innovative and digital.


As a University Born of a Strong Academic Heritage Waldorf has roots in the Lutheran tradition of excellence in education since the University was founded in 1903. This tradition values service to the community, academic excellence, freedom of inquiry, a liberating education, and learning through the open exchange of ideas.

As a University with Core Values Waldorf instills values of service, community, critical inquiry, and lifelong learning in each student through a liberal arts education and professional studies. These values and education prepare our graduates to understand and contribute to life in our complex and ever-changing world.

As an Online University Waldorf offers a broad range of quality online programs both at the undergraduate and graduate level that are delivered in an innovative, affordable, and flexible format. This allows students the opportunity to be successful regardless of location, family life, or professional obligations.

As a Residential University Waldorf offers an active student life program as well as extensive co-curricular, cultural and leadership opportunities. This coupled with our quality academic programs give students a well-rounded educational experience where lasting friendships, personal development, and a growing awareness of community service occur.

As a University that Values Faith Waldorf uses academic coursework and co-curricular activities to explore the meaning and depth that religion and spirituality can add to life. Students are encouraged to develop a deep respect for the role religious devotion can play in giving direction, purpose, and a moral foundation to life.

As a University Engaged with the World Waldorf broadens our community by enrolling students from throughout the United States and internationally. Inclusivity and diversity are an integral part of the Waldorf experience.